Water Safety Equipment

Personal Flotation Device (PDF), more commonly known as a lifejacket, is a valuable piece of equipment. This item is mandatory for anyone venturing out into open water to keep away from serious injury.

Depending upon your paddling activity dictates the helmet or hat required to be worn. For paddlers opting to venture whitewater rapids, a specialized approved helmet must be worn to ensure the paddler's safety. It's recommended for other paddlers to wear a brimmed-hat to protect paddlers from the dangerous effects of the sun's rays on hot days and help to retain their personal body heat on bitterly cold days.

Paddling Whistles are also another important item to take along on a paddling adventure. If you ever find yourself out in open waters alone either injured or lost with no way to signal for help, then a paddling whistle is an essential accessory that should be attached to your PDF, especially in case of capsizing.

While a dry bag has many practical uses, it's the ideal solution for storing essential items such as dry foods and bottled drinks, first aid kits, and a knife. Not to be confused with a rope throw bag, which is used as a rescue device to pull a swimmer to safety or tow another small boat to safety.

Closed-toe Footwear - Protecting your feet from the various elements is extremely important to thwart potential incidents from small and painful annoyances such as shells, glass, fish hooks, rocks and the diverse sea life hidden beneath the depths of often murky water.



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