Canoe Equipment

In addition to buying a canoe in preparation of a canoeing adventure, there are several other equally important items you need to ensure a safe and rewarding outdoor adventure on the water. While it's obvious that a canoe is an essential piece of equipment, it's important to opt for one that meets your individual canoeing needs. Whitewater canoes are not always the best option to be used for leisure or racing canoes. Also, you should initially decide if you want a single person canoe, or a larger one that can accommodate three people.

Another factor to consider when selecting a canoe should be based on your canoeing experience. There are numerous makes and models available for purchase, so do an initial personal assessment of what suits your needs.

Paddles are another critical piece of equipment required for canoeing. Canoeists should always remember to take along at least one extra paddle.

Canoeists should also pack enough PDFs (life jackets) for everyone onboard the canoe to ensure safety measures. In many locations it's illegal to paddle in bodies of water, regardless of depth and width of the waterways, without wearing a life jacket.

For whitewater canoeists, it's mandatory to ensure canoes have a float bag tied in the front and back of the canoe to prevent anyone from sinking if ever the canoe flipped over.

In addition to the required equipment items for canoeing, other non-essential gear includes a dry suit, paddle jacket and pants, appropriate footwear, knife, dry bag, sunscreen, rope bag, and throw-able flotation device.



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